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29 January 2018

Southwick: Too many aircons or poor planning by Daniel Andrews?

Monday 29 January 2018

Too many aircons or poor planning by Daniel Andrews?

Further evidence today that Daniel Andrews has failed to cater for population growth after it was revealed on radio that Victoria’s power infrastructure just isn’t good enough.

Energy is an essential service and it is the government’s responsibility to plan for a growing population and to ensure we have the necessary infrastructure to keep Victorians safe and keep the lights on.

With Victoria growing by over 100,000 people a year, we need a plan to cater for this growth.

Daniel Andrews keeps passing the blame onto someone else – but the buck stops with him.

Andrew Dillon from Energy Networks Australia has confirmed the cause of power blackouts has been underinvestment in infrastructure.

Mr Dillon said on 3AW this afternoon that use of air conditioners yesterday resulted in widespread blackouts:

“And as I said when you’ve got most people at home with the aircon it’s exactly what developments have happened in that area in terms of people replacing old air conditioners with newer larger ones, replacing one system with two and all of that in which people are absolutely entitled to do. But when we get them all on at once and everyone home at once particular on a humid day they’re working harder than ever and putting a significant strain on the network.” – Andrew Dillon, 3AW

Only the Liberal Nationals have a plan to ease the squeeze on population growth and make sure we have affordable and reliable power in Victoria.