Media Release

23 March 2017

Southwick: Victoria’s 72 days dark days ahead

Thursday 23 March 2017
Victoria’s 72 days dark days ahead
Because of Daniel Andrews’ reckless energy policy decisions leading to the closure of Hazelwood, Victoria now faces 72 days of power shortfall in the next two years according to the Australian Energy Market Operator.
Daniel Andrews’ ideological power policies have left Victoria stranded in an energy crisis, where households and businesses will be exposed to blackouts and soaring power prices.
Victoria, once a reliable net-exporter of electricity, will be at the mercy of NSW and Tasmania for power because of Labor’s picking winners and losers in the energy market.
Hazelwood closes in 8 days and Daniel Andrews has not once picked up the phone to offer the generator’s owner, Engie, support for a staged-closure to allow a responsible transition. Daniel Andrews wants Hazelwood shutdown.
Under Daniel Andrews, Victoria is on the fast-lane to blackouts and having the highest power prices in Australia just like South Australia.
If Daniel Andrews is serious about making Victoria’s electricity more affordable, reliable and secure, he should immediately match the Liberal Nationals commitment to abolish the Victorian Renewable Energy Target.