Media Release

28 April 2016

Victoria: Budget Proves Arts Decline Under Labor

Thursday 28 April 2016

Budget Proves Arts Decline Under Labor

The Andrews Government’s 2016-17 Budget has revealed that Labor’s hyped up Creative Industries plan is a dud.

Despite tax revenues going up by 20% over the last two years, Labor has failed to use that money effectively with all key sector indicators falling well below what they were under the former Liberal Nationals Government.

  • – Attendances at all agencies was 10.2 million in 2014-15, is expected to be 9.7million in 2015-16, and will fall to just 9 million in 2016-17.
  • – Website visitations for Victoria’s cultural agencies will plummet  from 17 million to 14.5 million
  • – Members and friends of agencies will fall from 48,539 to 45,000.
  • – Students participating in agency education programs will fall from 575,653 to 500,000.

The Andrews Government’s arts sector failures are also hitting regional Victoria, with the number of regionally based organisations being funded cut from 53 under the Liberal Nationals to 47 under Daniel Andrews. While Regional Touring Victoria destinations will also fall from 48 to 42.

Like any industry, the creative industries require long term planning, investment and certainty. Instead, Labor has delivered hollow, short-term announcements, leading to industry decline.

The Andrews Government has no jobs plan for Victoria and this is hitting the arts sector. In 2016-17 the number of additional jobs from Film Victoria productions will fall by more than 700. The film sector in Victoria should be growing, not shrinking.

Daniel Andrews and Martin Foley have been spruiking their Creative Industries plan but their Budget has now shown it to be a complete fraud.