Media Release

10 May 2017

Victoria: Budget reveals Aboriginal education crisis

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Budget reveals Aboriginal education crisis

Hidden away in the 17/18 Victorian State Budget is an alarming slide in education outcomes for the Aboriginal community.

Performance indicators reveal that for 2016-17 only 19.9% of Victorian Year 9 Aboriginal students will be in the top 7 of the 10 NAPLAN bands in numeracy – down from 24.3% in 2015-6. In literacy, it has fallen from 24.6% to 21.4%.

51.5% of all Victorian students are in the top 7 bands for numeracy and 48.9% for reading. Those figures are also down on previous years.

Further, the Government is not going to meet their own targets in six out of eight measures around Aboriginal student performance in NAPLAN.

The budget also reveals that:

  • There hasn’t been an Aboriginal Affairs project in the capital part of the budget since the previous Liberal Nationals Government, and there’s none in the forward estimates;
  • The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management and Protection, Community Infrastructure Program and Young Aboriginal People’s Health and Wellbeing programs in last year’s budget have been discontinued and;
  • The Healing the Stolen Generations and Improving health outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians programs from the Liberal Nationals’ 2013-4 budget don’t appear to have been funded again.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Heidi Victoria:

These figures reveal a new crisis in Aboriginal education under the Andrews Labor Government.

Literacy and numeracy are vital to bridging gaps so Daniel Andrews allowing these standards to slide is a disaster.