Media Release

10 October 2018

Victoria-Bull: Accessible Tourism

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Accessible Tourism

Tourism in Victoria is estimated to be worth over $20 billion to our economy but the Liberal Nationals believe that we can do even better.

That means making tourism more accessible for visitors of all ages, physical limitations or disabilities.

Accessible Tourism in Victoria is already worth $2.3 billion but there is massive potential to grow this market even more.

That’s why a Liberal Nationals Government will engage, develop and promote an accessible tourism campaign including an action plan for Victoria.

The outcome of this campaign will be to help boost the tourism sector and provide opportunities for all tourists (both domestic and international) to enjoy everything Victoria has to offer.

At the core of the campaign are knowledge, information and education for those in sector. Many tourism operators are unaware of how they can embrace this market and are therefore missing the opportunities.

Another key element of the Liberal Nationals strategy is to implement an Accessible Tourism Action Plan to provide industry awareness and inclusive product development in Victoria.

The Department of Economic Development estimates that Victoria’s tourism industry employs around 210,400 people with average annual increases of nearly 9% in international visitors.

By growing our Accessible Tourism sector we will see more economic benefits including more jobs.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Heidi Victoria:

“We want as many people as possible to visit Victoria and enjoy everything we love about this great state.

An important part of that goal is to make sure that our tourist attractions cater for as many visitors as possible especially those with physical limitations from age, injury and other disabilities.

The accessible tourism market is relatively untapped and can be extremely lucrative, even more so than some of our current target markets, and that is why this policy is so important.

Research shows that travellers feel less stressed when they have more support in planning their visits and experiences and they tend to return to destinations that have helped manage those stresses in the past.

This is a huge gap in Australia’s tourism market that Victoria can be a world leader in, and it will benefit visitors and local businesses alike.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Disability, Tim Bull:

“By creating more accessible environments for visitors, everyone can enjoy the beautiful attractions Victoria has to offer regardless of ability.

The Liberal Nationals will invest in accessible infrastructure like ramps, handrails and wheelchair friendly facilities to bring our tourist attractions into the 21st century.”