Media Release

07 August 2018

Victoria: More action, less stunts

Monday 6 August 2018

More action, less stunts

With just a handful of parliamentary sitting weeks left, Daniel Andrews’ proposed changes to the Residential Tenancy Act have yet to be introduced which makes this look like just another Labor stunt.

It’s been almost a year since Daniel Andrews announced these changes before the Northcote by-election but instead of ‘getting on with it’, the only action he’s shown on it is on social media.

Renters and homeowners are looking for certainty and stability so they can plan for their future with confidence but all they are getting from the Premier is cheesey social media posts.

The Liberal Nationals join renters and rental property owners in calling on the Andrews Labor Government to stop talking about it and finally release the draft legislation.

This important legislation needs proper scrutiny to ensure there are no unintended consequences and that we don’t see a situation that results in higher rents or less availability.

As everyone knows, the rental and property market is incredibly complex and subject to dramatic price movements so it’s important we get any reforms 100% for the sake of renters and property owners.

There needs to be a fair balance for both tenant and landlord to ensure our rental housing market remains strong.