Media Release

10 October 2018

Wakeling: $3 million for rock wall and groynes at Cowes East Foreshore

Wednesday 10 October 2018

$3 million for rock wall and groynes at Cowes East Foreshore

Coastal erosion is a major issue on Phillip Island and throughout the Bass Coast.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will provide $3 million and work with Bass Shire Council to construct a rock wall, replace the groynes, and construct footpath.

The rock wall will help protect the foreshore from further erosion and allow pedestrians to safely walk around the Cowes East Foreshore.

Shadow Minister for Environment, Nick Wakeling and Member for Bass, Brian Paynter have conducted several site inspections, consulted with government departments and local residents prior to this announcement.

The community want action to reduce further damage to their shoreline. The Cowes East Foreshore Action Group have been lobbying for the infrastructure since 2014 and strongly endorse this project.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment, Nick Wakeling:

“We must preserve our fragile coastlines so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Brian has been a strong advocate for this project and worked hard to make sure this project is funded.”

Comments attributable to Member for Bass, Brian Paynter:

“This is a serious issue for Phillip Island and in particular the Cowes East Foreshore. We have seen significant erosion. A long term solution is needed and it’s great to see action from the Matthew Guy Government.

We want our children and their children to be able to use this Cowes East Foreshore.”