Media Release

05 May 2017

Wakeling: Daniel Andrews fails home education families

Friday 5 May 2017

Daniel Andrews fails home education families

Daniel Andrews’ budget fails to provide much needed assistance to home school families following his government’s announced reforms to the home education sector.

Just before Christmas last year, the Andrews Labor Government released new regulations that would dramatically impact the livelihood of families who choose to home school their children.

If implemented, home school families would be subjected to burdensome regulations that only increase workloads for parents and do not improve educational outcomes for students.

Since the announcement, home school families have been calling on Daniel Andrews to provide financial and material assistance to support the education of home schooled students.

Daniel Andrews has failed to back his reform measures with funding in this year’s budget, revealing his true intent behind these punitive and unjustified reforms.

The Coordinator of the Home Education Network, Sue Wight, has said that if the government truly wished Victoria to be the ‘Education State’, there would be some funding to assist parents who choose to home school their children, which comes at a significant cost to parents.

The Liberals Nationals Coalition believes parents have a right to choose the appropriate educational setting for their child, and home education must remain a legitimate choice for families.

If implemented in their current draft form, the Liberal Nationals will move to disallow the home schooling regulations in parliament.

Quotes attributable to Nick Wakeling MP, Shadow Minister for Education:

“The Premier needs to put his money where his mouth is, and include the home education sector in its ‘Education State’ plans, or butt out.

“The government is moving against home school families and educators instead of helping them in practical ways to lift student outcomes and results.”

Quotes attributable to Sue Wight, Coordinator, Home Education Network:

“The Labor government wants to police home educators yet there is nothing here to offer support to parents who are relieving an over-burdened and struggling school system which fails so many.

“Victoria will have one million students by 2020. The government wants to increase the regulation around home education and yet is unwilling to allocate any funds to parents who remove stress from the overcrowded school system by educating their own children.”