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19 June 2017

Wakeling: Daniel Andrews should stop defending Roz Ward

Monday 19 June 2017

Daniel Andrews should stop defending Roz Ward

Roz Ward’s latest reported comments claim:

“It’s more like 40-50 per cent of young people who are not exclusively attracted to the opposite sex.  That’s how fluid sexuality is headed.”

There remains significant question marks about the judgment of Daniel Andrews who repeatedly defended and promoted Ms Ward’s work on Safe Schools.

If this is the quality of Daniel Andrews’ judgment on education than it’s no wonder literacy and numeracy standards are flat-lining in Victoria despite a record amount of funding for our schools.

Now that La Trobe University has dumped Safe Schools creator Roz Ward, Daniel Andrews must now dump the program from schools and commit he will not hire Ms Ward in the education department.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Daniel Andrews is wasting this extra funding and is too distracted on these social engineering programs instead of making sure our kids can read and write.

Victorian parents can’t afford to have a premier with this sort of bad judgment in charge of the education of our kids.