Media Release

21 August 2015

Wakeling: Families face chaos school SRI changes

Friday 21 August 2015


Families face chaos school SRI changes

The facts

Before the election, Daniel Andrews, was asked about his views on SRI on his Facebook page. Here is part of his reply:

“All education should be respectful and lawful, and should be based on parental choices and consent.”

Before the election, Daniel Andrews was asked his view on SRI in a stakeholder survey.  Here is part of his reply:

“The Labor Party has long supported the notion that one of the great strengths of the Victorian community is its diversity. Labor in government would be vigilant in overseeing that all SRI delivered in schools complies with the Act.”

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006, introduced by Labor, states that SRI:

“must be given on the basis of the normal class organisation of the school.”

(with exceptions granted only in the case of a special pageant, festival, celebration or particular circumstances of a school.)


Comments from the Shadow Minister for Education Nick Wakeling

This is another broken promise from Daniel Andrews and the commitments he gave to parents about supporting SRI have now turned out to be a charade to get him through the election.

This decision by Daniel Andrews will create chaos for thousands of parents whose children choose to attend these classes out of school hours.

Parents in schools across Victoria will face the prospect of juggling new and varied after school-hours pick-ups just to suit the whim of Daniel Andrews.