Media Release

23 March 2017

Wakeling: Liberal Nationals to protect right to home schooling

Thursday 23 March 2017
Liberal Nationals to protect right to home schooling
Daniel Andrews is unreasonably targeting home school families, and failing to treat them with the respect they deserve.
The Liberals Nationals Coalition believes parents have a right to choose the appropriate educational setting for their child, and home education must remain a legitimate choice for families.
Just before Christmas last year, Daniel Andrews released draft regulations that would dramatically impact the livelihood of families who choose to home school their children.
If implemented, home school families would be subjected to burdensome regulations that only increase workloads for parents and do not improve educational outcomes for students.
The Liberal Nationals rejects the Government’s draft regulations with regard to home schooling, because they are punitive, unjustified, and impact on parental choice.
If implemented in their current draft form, the Liberal Nationals will move to disallow the home schooling regulations in parliament.