Media Release

20 October 2016

Wakeling: Respectful Relationships isn’t about Respect

Thursday 20 October 2016

Respectful Relationships isn’t about Respect

Reports today that Daniel Andrews’ revamped Respectful Relationships curriculum will teach Victorian children that men and boys are conditioned by society to dominate women will ring alarm bells for parents.

The Respectful Relationships curriculum has moved so far from its’ original purpose it may as well be a radical gender studies course more at home in university halls rather than Victorian classrooms and kindergartens.

Everyone agrees that parents and educators should make sure our children learn to respect everyone regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion and appearance.

Schools should never be used to brainwash our children with propaganda about white male privilege, how “masculinity” encourages “control and dominance” over women, or how men are “socially engineered” to express their pain and stress in anger and violence.

The best thing we can do for our children is to give them the best education possible so they leave school understanding the importance and benefits of diversity and individualism and have the skills and knowledge to get good jobs that will keep them fulfilled and happy.

Daniel Andrews should stop implementing ideological programs and forcing his values on other people’s children, and start focusing on the basics such as teaching our kids to read, write and count.

This isn’t about respect, this is about Daniel Andrew’s obsession with social engineering in our schools.