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10 May 2017

Wakeling: School bans Richmond footballers

Wednesday 10 May 2017

School bans Richmond footballers

Every day there seems to be another example of our schools losing their way because of Daniel Andrews’ warped education focus.

Today there are reports that four footballers from the Richmond Football Club were turned away on Tuesday from Syndal South Primary School in Mount Waverley because they didn’t have a Working With Children Check.

If a school has teachers to supervise these events, this sort of process driven approach is over the top.

For young kids, meeting their football heroes can be inspiring and energising.

Despite record levels of funding, our schools are still performing poorly on NAPLAN results and most importantly, our children’s education standards are in decline.

Daniel Andrews’ obsession with his own pet projects at the expense of a common sense, back to basics approach to education is risking the future of our kids.