Media Release

08 May 2017

Wakeling: School cancels Mother’s Day

Monday 8 May 2017

School cancels Mother’s Day

Reports on 3AW’s morning program that the Moonee Ponds West Primary School will not be recognising Mother’s Day, and cancelling its annual stall, is yet another example of an education system losing its priorities under Daniel Andrews.

In a recent newsletter to parents, the school said its annual ‘Mother’s Day stall’ would not be held and instead they will celebrate International Day of Families.

The newsletter also provided:  “I believe celebrating International Day of Families is a more inclusive way of celebrating the richness, diversity and complexity of living and loving as a family in the modern world.”

Daniel Andrews continues to put politics in our schools. It’s no wonder our education outcomes are in decline when our Premier is so focused on politicising our schools.

Mother’s Day is about celebrating the maternal figures in our lives, whether it is mum, grandma, an aunt or a female mentor, and honouring their contribution as women in society.

If it’s not banning the singing of traditional Christmas carols or reading classical fairy tales, Daniel Andrews’ attack on our cultural traditions continues.