Media Release

23 March 2016

Wakeling: South Melbourne Park School

Wednesday 23 March 2016


South Melbourne Park School

Daniel Andrews waited for 16 months to make a simple land reservation change in Albert Park reserve through the parliament last night. This was a necessary step before building the promised South Melbourne Park School. The Andrews Government’s inaction on the site means that the construction of this new school will be delayed.

Last night’s passage of the Land (Revocation of Reservations) Bill 2015 confirmed:

  • Orchestra Victoria weren’t asked before the election if they wanted to be co-located with the school. It declined when asked after the election, so was given notice by the Andrews Government to leave the site. No funding allocation has been made for the cost of Orchestra Victoria’s new home and it’s undecided where it will go. The Education Department will pay for Orchestra Victoria’s moving costs and any temporary home.
  • The Education Department will pay the $5 million cost of relocating Parks Victoria to new premises in Albert Park reserve. A temporary home will be necessary because no decision has been made on where it will go permanently.
  • Orchestra Victoria and Parks Victoria’s departures from the site have been delayed from June to November 2016.
  • Asbestos removal and soil remediation will take at least one year and must happen before any building work starts.