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05 October 2016

Walsh: Dan’s new desal plans

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Dan’s new desal plans

Daniel Andrews must rule out more major desalination projects.

Victorian Labor governments have a legacy of appalling, expensive water infrastructure decisions that have forced household water bills to skyrocket.

Neither the current 150GL desal plant or the north-south pipeline are in use today, yet they cost us billions of dollars and forced average Melbourne water bills to go from $500 to $1200.

The IV report correctly identifies that Daniel Andrews’ Labor Government has squandered opportunities to make greater use of stormwater and recycled water.

Under Daniel Andrews’ watch the work that began under the previous Liberal-Nationals government to use stormwater and recycled water for non-drinking purposes, to take pressure off drinking water supplies, has completely stalled.

Victorian families can’t afford to pay for more of Labor’s water stuff ups.