Media Release

24 May 2017

Walsh: Labor leading fox control off track

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Labor leading fox control off track

Jaala Pulford’s lack of interest in the wild dog control program looks to have extended to the resoundingly successful Fox Bounty.

“Under Labor, a simple yet resoundingly successful fox bounty program has gone to the dogs,” Shadow Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh said.

The fox bounty was introduced by the former Liberal Nationals government in 2011 as an effective, low cost measure to encourage community participation in fox control efforts.

A report in The Weekly Times today reveals just 6700 fox scalps have been collected this year – a fraction of the 120,590 collected in 2012.

“The fox bounty was a resounding success when it was run by the Liberal Nationals government, and its plain for all to see that Labor refuses to promote it properly,” Mr Walsh said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if farmers thought it had lapsed completely given the mayhem Jaala Pulford caused axing and then back-flipping on the Wild Dog Bounty.

“The Andrews Labor Government left High Country landholders in limbo for two years after axing the Wild Dog Bounty and sacking the Wild Dog Advisory Committee.

“Foxes and wild dogs are a massive blight on Victoria’s landscape, wreaking havoc on livestock and our native fauna alike, yet Labor is turning a blind eye and failing to listen.

“The Premier for Melbourne just doesn’t get it: the only good fox is a dead fox.”