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19 June 2018

Walsh: Labor refuses to discuss latest Basin Rail bungle

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Labor refuses to discuss latest Basin Rail bungle

Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan has again refused to answer questions on Labor’s botched rollout of the critical Murray Basin Rail Project.

Revelations have emerged that Labor is using sub-standard, second-hand track on this vital upgrade to west and north-west Victorian freight rail lines.

In Question Time today, the Minister was asked to explain reports that second hand track, not fit for purpose, had been used on the upgrade of the Maryborough to Ararat line.

Ms Allan failed to answer, instead trying to deflect from her failure by criticising the Rail Revival Alliance – a concerned community group that is legitimately asking questions – of “peddling another bunch of inaccurate claims”.

Comments attributable to the Leader of The Nationals, Peter Walsh:

“The Murray Basin Rail project is a once in a generation opportunity to upgrade the rail connections from north-west Victoria through to the ports but it is being disgracefully squandered by an inept State Labor Government.

Minister Allan is full of denial but all the fast talk in the world can’t hide that this project has gone completely off the rails on her watch.

Under Labor, the Basin Rail project behind schedule, reportedly nearly $100 million over budget and has been put on hold “indefinitely”.

It’s time for Minister Allan to come clean and tell everyone the truth about how badly she botched this vital infrastructure project, and how she is going to fix it.”