Media Release

20 September 2016

Walsh: Port sale leaves no excuse for neglect of regional Victoria

Monday 19 September 2016

Port sale leaves no excuse for neglect of regional Victoria

The $9.7 billion leasing of the Port of Melbourne will see more than $970 million for transport infrastructure delivered to regional and rural Victoria.

The Liberal-Nationals fought to secure a 10 per cent slice of the port sale proceeds for investment in transport infrastructure in country areas, despite strong opposition from the Andrews Labor Government.

Labor claimed our amendments would push down the final sale price and lengthen the sale period, but these claims have been exposed as no more than scaremongering.

The State Government also agreed to a $200 million Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund as part of the lease, but to date have refused to confirm if it will be in addition to the $970 million in transport infrastructure.

Regional Victoria is entitled to a fair share of this windfall sale and the $200 million Fund must be delivered in addition to the transport infrastructure funding.

Daniel Andrews now has no excuse to continue neglecting country rail upgrades and our crumbling country roads.

The better than expected lease price is a reflection of the quality of this asset and the strategy put in place by financial advisers appointed by the Liberal-Nationals and kept on by Labor.

There are now no excuses for the Andrews Labor Government when it comes to the needs of regional Victorians.