Media Release

22 November 2016

Walsh: Victoria must back Barnaby to dump Basin upwater

Monday 21 November 2016

Victoria must back Barnaby to dump Basin upwater


Now is the time for Victoria to help get rid of the Basin Plan’s 450GL up-water all together.

The up-water was a secret deal struck in October 2012 between Federal Labor and the South Australian Government.

To mitigate this political madness, Victoria’s Liberal-Nationals fought hard for a trigger to be put in the Federal legislation that the up-water couldn’t be taken if it would cause socio-economic hardship.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Water Peter Walsh

We fought hard for the trigger because it was always clear that the 450GL up-water would hurt our Basin communities.

It was a South Australian pipedream and a political stunt by Labor’s Tony Burke and there is now the right common sense leadership in Canberra to get rid of the up-water all together.

Lisa Neville should get behind Barnaby Joyce and support his initiative.