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29 January 2015

Guy: West Gate Distributor Funding Black Hole

Thursday 29 January 2015

West Gate Distributor Funding Black Hole

Daniel Andrews’ West Gate Distributor project has been exposed as having a $180 million black hole.

And now the Labor Party is making up stories to try to cover up for this blunder.

The cost of the project has blown out by $180 million before any construction work has begun.

Daniel Andrews claimed this was a ‘shovel-ready’ project – but there’s been a massive cost blow-out without a shovel in sight.

Labor’s claims today that the extra cost is due to the addition of extra lanes on the West Gate have been exposed as a fabrication.

Daniel Andrews’ own election document, Project 10,000, clearly identified additional lanes as part of the original cost:

Victorian Labor will also increase capacity on the West Gate Freeway by adding an extra lane in each direction between the Western Ring Road and Williamstown Road using overhead lane management technology currently in use on the M1.

Cost: $400-500 million (Estimated TEI)

Source: page 30, ‘Project 10,000’, published by Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor

Trying to blame the extra cost on additional lanes now just shows they are trying to fudge the facts – and lie to the people of Victoria.

You can drive a truck through the holes in the Andrews Government’s so-called costings.

It’s another reminder they can’t be trusted with Victorian taxpayers money.