Media Release

10 August 2017

Wooldrdige: Chaos in Parliament once again

Thursday 10 August 2017

Chaos in Parliament once again

Yesterday there was chaos in the Legislative Council when the Leader of the Government, Gavin Jennings and the Deputy President, Khalil Eideh missed two significant votes that resulted in an Opposition Bill passing. This was followed by chaotic scenes in the Legislative Assembly when Minister Lisa Neville nearly shutdown Parliament after bizarrely calling for a quorum call that sent Leader of the House Jacinta Allan frantically herding her confused MPs into the chamber.

Today the Government almost shutdown the Legislative Council when the Minister for Corrections was out of her depth in a debate on her own Bill and couldn’t answer simple questions. This led to the Uber Bill being brought on for debate with the Government completely unprepared so the bill was also postponed.

With Ministers scrambling and running around outside the chamber to work out the Government Business Program, the delays and confusion almost caused the house to use a rare measure to shut down the chamber for the day.

To make matters worse for the government, the Minister for Families and Children was booted for 15 minutes for abusing the President’s ruling and the Minister for Corrections was taken to task for getting facts and dates incorrect when responding to questions in Question Time over the past four sitting weeks.

This afternoon, more bizarre scenes were witnessed in the Legislative Assembly when Minister Richard Wynne rose to speak on the budget only to be informed he had already spoken. An insistent Wynne, adamant he hadn’t spoken on the bill was helped by the Opposition Whip who was able to supply a copy of Hansard to the Minister. Hansard indicated the Minister had indeed already spoken on the budget.

Daniel Andrews is running a distracted and confused Government.

The Liberal Nationals remain focussed on dealing with issues such as cost of living pressures and the appalling treatment of victims of crime under Daniel Andrews.