Media Release

01 February 2017

Wooldridge: Thunderstorm Asthma Review

Wednesday 1 February 2017
Thunderstorm Asthma Review
The thunderstorm asthma crisis that hit Melbourne on 21 and 22 November 2016 and saw nine people lose their lives was a tragedy for our community.
Victorians rightly expect nothing short of a seamless and well-rehearsed response in emergency situations. However despite the best efforts of our emergency services personnel, they were let down by a poorly co-ordinated response and inadequate leadership.
This is confirmed in the Inspector-General for Emergency Management’s interim review of the crisis released today. It finds that communication between emergency services personnel and agencies was poor and it was not clear who was in charge.
The Health Minister Jill Hennessy is still refusing to come clean on her whereabouts and actions during this crisis.
The final report into this crisis must include a full accounting of Minister Jill Hennessy’s actions during this crisis.