Media Release

21 July 2016

Wooldridge: Cancer beds closed at Peter Mac

Thursday 21 July 2016

Cancer beds closed at Peter Mac                 

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) is an important asset for Victorians, but Daniel Andrews’ refusal to properly fund the hospital has meant that beds and theatres are closed.

Without additional funding from the Andrews Government, Peter Mac is operating at its old capacity, simply in a new location.

This follows Daniel Andrews’ decision to scrap the 42 bed Peter Mac Private from the new VCCC, meaning 10,000 cancer patients each year can’t receive treatment.

There are at least 100 beds and three operating theatres unfunded and unstaffed, including life-saving intensive care beds.

Opening the theatres and beds at the VCCC must be a priority for the Andrews Government, with 572 cancer patients currently on the Peter Mac waiting list.

Peter Mac is a treasure in our state and Victorians want to see it given the resources necessary to provide world-class care for people with cancer.

Comments from Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge

“First Daniel Andrews axed 42 beds at the VCCC and now he’s refusing to staff and open a massive number of beds in the new hospital.”

“Daniel Andrews must properly fund Peter Mac so that the empty cancer beds can be opened and Victorian lives can be saved.”