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01 December 2017

Wooldridge: Daniel Andrews fails to fix flammable hospital cladding risks

Friday 1 December 2017

Daniel Andrews fails to fix flammable hospital cladding risks

Daniel Andrews has known for over two years that there is flammable cladding on Victorian hospitals and has done nothing to fix it.

The Andrews Labor Government said the cladding on the Royal Women’s Hospital would be removed in “spring” and yet here we are in summer and still no action has been taken.

With the MFB previously placing the Royal Women’s Hospital on heightened response due to risk of fire, Daniel Andrews needs to stop dragging his feet and address this significant danger.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

“The fire risks are clear and yet Daniel Andrews has been dragging his feet on removing flammable materials from our hospitals.

“Experts have long been raising concerns of fire risks at our hospitals, yet the Andrews Labor Government seems to be ignoring them.

“It beggars belief that Daniel Andrews has left highly flammable material on the outside of the Royal Women’s for over 2 years when thousands of Victorian women use the hospital each and every day.”


August 2015 – Victorians are made aware that the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospitals have flammable cladding, after the VBA and DHHS have been investigating the issue for some time.

October 2015 – the MFB puts the Royal Women’s Hospital on a heightened response due to fears flammable cladding could fuel an unusually ferocious blaze.

May 2016 – Under questioning in PAEC, Frances Diver (Deputy Secretary, Health Services, Policy and Programs) informed the Parliament that the only Hospitals with flammable cladding issues were the VCCC and Royal Women’s Hospital.

May 2016 – Frances Diver says of the Government “we are actively working with the municipal building surveyor at the moment” regarding rectifying the Royal Women’s flammable cladding

June 2017 – The Government says flammable cladding will be removed from the Royal Women’s Hospital in ‘spring’

1 December 2017 (1st day of summer) – Cladding Taskforce interim report released highlighting 20 hospital buildings over 15 sites have confirmed either non-compliant cladding (8) or require further detailed assessment (12). The Royal Women’s Hospital tops the list for hospitals with non-compliant cladding.

Hospitals with non-compliant cladding include Werribee Mercy, Casey Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Sunshine Hospital, Frankston Hospital and the Royal Melbourne.