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02 August 2018

Wooldridge: Daniel Andrews fails to protect children under five

Thursday 2 August 2018

Daniel Andrews fails to protect children under five

Daniel Andrews has comprehensively botched the delivery of his free flu vaccination for kids under 5 policy.

Firstly, he made the decision to have a free flu vax policy extremely late, in February this year, when vaccinations orders are placed in October for the following year.

He then ordered vaccinations for only 30% of children, severely underestimating demand and leaving thousands of parents unable to access the flu vaccination for their children.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy says the order rate was based on the experience in Western Australia, but they had a take up rate of over 40% in their early years.

Cynically, Labor has only promised free flu vaccinations for kids this year, an election year, and not into the future.

This is in stark contrast to the Liberal Nationals, who announced a 4 year free flu vaccination policy in September last year.

Flu can be a deadly disease, and children can be particularly vulnerable. Already this year there have been 2981 notifications of flu, 256 of them children under 5.