Media Release

02 October 2017

Wooldridge: Daniel Andrews’ funding cover-up

Monday 2 October 2017

Daniel Andrews’ funding cover-up

The Andrews Labor Government’s flu funding adjustment at the tail end of the flu season is a blatant attempt to cover-up funding gaps they have created for Victorian hospitals as a result of surging power prices and sneaky funding changes.

While additional hospital funding is always welcome, this is largely an attempt to address problems Daniel Andrews has created himself.

This has been a particularly difficult flu season but the strain on our hospital system has been exacerbated because Daniel Andrews has placed additional strain on already stretched hospital budgets.

Just a month ago it was reported by Health Purchasing Victoria that power prices for Victorian hospitals had increased by $44 million this year.

Families have been feeling the cost of living pain since the closure of Hazelwood saw power bills skyrocket. Now hospitals are suffering the squeeze.

It was also revealed in August that Daniel Andrews has cut funding for thousands of patients with complex conditions, putting extra strain on Victorian hospitals.

When hospitals admit patients with more complex needs they are more expensive to treat, but will no longer attract the necessary extra funding for that added complexity because of Daniel Andrews.

Further, if Daniel Andrews was serious about adequately addressing the impact of flu on hospitals he would have matched the Liberal Nationals’ announcement to fund free flu vaccinations for children aged between six months and five years.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

The flu isn’t crippling hospitals budgets, Daniel Andrews is.

Daniel Andrews is using a difficult flu season to cover up his hospital funding cuts and surging hospital power prices under his watch.

Under Daniel Andrews hospitals literally can’t afford to pay their bills.

If Daniel Andrews was serious about addressing the impact of flu on hospitals he would match the Liberal Nationals’ commitment for free flu vaccines for children aged between six months and five years.