Media Release

01 November 2017

Wooldridge: History repeats itself as Daniel Andrews fudges health data

Wednesday 1 November 2017

History repeats itself as Daniel Andrews fudges health data

The Facts:

More Victorians received a Code 1 Lights and sirens response in recommended times from Ambulance Victoria in the winter of 2014 than the winter just passed.

Q1 2014/15 Q1 2017/18
Code 1 Responses under 15 mins 58,803 58,628

Source: Ambulance Victoria Performance Documents

Daniel Andrews is trying to make his Ambulance Victoria response times appear better by dramatically cutting who is actually eligible to receive a lights and sirens response.

Over the last year, 48,000 less incidents were classified as Code 1 and 27,000 fewer Victorians got a Code 1 response in under 15 minutes.

To hide these facts Daniel Andrews has repeatedly refused, via FoI and Parliamentary Committees requests, to tell Victorians who no longer gets a Code 1 Lights and Sirens response.


Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

Daniel Andrews has a track record of fudging health data and it continues as Premier.

Daniel Andrews is hiding the fact that under his Government fewer Victorians are getting a timely “time critical” response from Ambulance Victoria.

Fudging the numbers is not the answer when paramedics are under massive pressure, especially responding to health crises and escalating numbers of victims of violent crime.

Daniel Andrews should come clean about the facts and tell Victorian patients who no longer gets the lights and sirens response they previously would have.