Media Release

01 August 2018

Wooldridge: Hospital performance at Frankston, disappointing under Daniel Andrews

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Hospital performance at Frankston, disappointing under Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews and his Government are so consumed by rorts and the Victoria Police investigation that they are neglecting the things that matter to Victorians.

The quarterly performance data of Victorian hospitals, released on Tuesday, paints a concerning picture of elective surgery at Frankston Hospital.

Since Daniel Andrews was elected, the elective surgery waitlist has grown to 1,462 patients and only 76% of patients are receiving their surgery within clinically recommended times, this is down from 80% four years ago.

The average wait time for category 1 surgery remains at 12 days, but for category 2 & 3 surgery, wait times have blown out compared to four years ago.

  • Patients are waiting 18 days longer for category 2 surgery now, with a median wait time of 77 days.
  • Patients are waiting 37 days longer for category 3 surgery, with a median wait time 116 days.

You can’t trust Daniel Andrews on Health, last year he cut funding for thousands of patients with complex conditions and soaring power prices left health services on the hook for bills they could hardly afford to pay. Labor has had to repeatedly scramble to provide top up funding to keep our hospitals running.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

“While Daniel Andrews’ government is in crisis with six Ministers under investigation by the Victoria Police Fraud and Extortion Squad, our hospitals are being left behind.

“These aren’t just figures, they’re people lives. Daniel Andrews has failed to make the investment needed at Dandenong Hospital to ensure patients can access care in a timely manner.”