Media Release

31 July 2017

Wooldridge: Labor’s inequality in healthcare

Labor’s inequality in healthcare

Not all Victorians are sharing in the improvements to health services delivery and ambulance wait times.

Today’s ambulance response time performance data shows that 40% of local government areas actually experienced an increase in their quarterly response times, with many of these in outer metropolitan areas or country Victoria.

In addition, by the government’s own admission nearly 100,000 Victorians who used to receive a code 1 ambulance response each year now don’t and Daniel Andrews has repeatedly refused to tell Victorians which patients have been downgraded from Code 1.

Thousands of Victorians are also waiting longer to even get on the elective surgery waiting list and when they do, on average, they are waiting more than 10% longer to get their surgery.

In regional Victoria elective surgery waiting lists at Barwon Health and Bendigo Health have increased compared to the same time last year and waiting times are up 16% and 27% respectively.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

There are clearly have and have nots when it comes to Daniel Andrews’ delivery of health and ambulance services.

Regional Victorians are not experiencing the same improvements in the health and ambulance services as those in inner Melbourne.

It’s not good enough for Daniel Andrews to improve health services for people in Melbourne at the expense of regional Victorians.