Media Release

15 October 2018

Wooldridge-McLeish: Liberal Nationals to acknowledge our Hospital volunteers

Monday 15 October 2018

Liberal Nationals to acknowledge our Hospital volunteers

Volunteers are vital to so many areas within our community, especially when caring for our sick and elderly.

The Liberal Nationals will support the role of volunteers in hospitals and aged care facilities across Victoria by establishing an annual ‘Health Volunteering’ round table.

Ensuring that health sector CEOs, managers and volunteers have a formal statewide mechanism to discuss matters of mutual interest, will assist health facilities to better support their volunteers and their scope of practice.

Volunteer management is one of the key challenges facing health organisations. The right balance needs to be found between volunteer and paid staff.

That’s why the Liberal Nationals will also contribute $55,000 to fund research into Health Service volunteers and will seek to identify how volunteers can be managed and supported effectively within health organisations across the state.

Currently there are more than 160,000 volunteers in our hospitals and aged care facilities, often offering a helping hand with non-medical duties such as customer service and administration tasks or lending a caring, listening ear.

Larger hospitals across Victoria have between 250 – 800 volunteers on their books with dedicated staff to recruit, manage and support their volunteer network.

The Liberal Nationals will always support those who support others.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

To have volunteers in our hospitals- lending a hand is a great support to both patients, nurses and doctors.

The hard work of volunteers can go unrecognised and a future Liberal Nationals Government will work to support our volunteers in hospitals and aged care facilities.

Comments attributable to Shadow Assistant Minister for Volunteers, Cindy McLeish:

Volunteers are vital to so many areas within our community.

Volunteers in the health sector provides great comfort to so many, and we must continue to support them.