Media Release

29 October 2018

Wooldridge: New Hydrotherapy Pool for Bentleigh

Monday 29 October 2018

New Hydrotherapy Pool for Bentleigh

An elected Liberal Government will contribute $2m towards rebuilding the hydrotherapy pool at Bentleigh’s Connect Health & Community.

Popular with the local community, the pool is open to the public as well as Connect Health who run physiotherapy and exercise physiology classes at the pool.

The current pool is decades old and no longer fit for purpose. Designed last century the pool does not conform to current best practice limiting the community from using the pool to its full potential.

The current pool is expensive to run and a drain on Connect Health’s limited resources. Its current design uses a lot of energy for heating and its maintenance is costly. Under Daniel Andrews, skyrocketing energy costs have left Connect Health with a pool that barely breaks even.

The new pool will harness a modern approach to Hydrotherapy. With more efficient heating mechanisms and a new design, the pool will use less energy meaning more money for Connect Health to reinvest in local community healthcare.

Hydrotherapy is used by health professionals as part of treatment programs for rehabilitation and pain management as well as allowing those who might struggle to exercise on land an opportunity move freely in the water. The use of hot water helps increase blood flow and improving circulation which is particularly helpful during rehab.

The Liberal’s $2m investment in a new, modern pool will improve service quality and comfort for the community which depends upon it for pain relief and injury rehabilitation.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

“Hydrotherapy is a natural pain reliever which combines the benefit of exercise and near weightlessness in soothing warm water, easing pain from injuries and sore joints and muscles.

The Liberal investment in a new pool will boost service capacity and reduce operating costs for Connect Health & Community.

Hundreds of residents requiring special pain relief across Bentleigh will benefit from this healthcare investment.”

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Bentleigh, Asher Judah:

“My family has suffered from through the pain of arthritis and muscular pain for decades.

Our investment in a new hydrotherapy pool will ensure the Bentleigh community has the best pain relief and injury rehabilitation services in the region.”