Media Release

23 March 2016

Wooldridge: Paramedics Pay Deal

Wednesday 23 March 2016


Paramedics Pay Deal

Daniel Andrews has just handed another sweetheart deal to the unions at the expense of Victorian taxpayers.

This sweetheart deal looks to cost taxpayers at least $54 million a year.

There are over 3,000 paramedics in Victoria with many set to receive around a 20% pay rise, and some set to get up to a 28% increase.

Paramedics and indeed all public sector workers are entitled to fair and reasonable wage increases, including the opportunity for higher increases based on productivity.  However, this $54 million windfall looks more like payback rather than fair and reasonable.

Once again, Daniel Andrews is handing out blank cheques to his union mates signed by the Victorian taxpayer.

With Tim Pallas sending signals that he will increase state debt in the next budget, Victorians will be rightly asking if this proposed debt is to help pay for these sweetheart union deals.

Every dollar that Daniel Andrews hands out as the price for union support at the last election is money that’s not available for service improvements or infrastructure, or money that will have to be paid for through higher taxes.