Media Release

22 June 2016

Wooldridge: Peter Mac

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Peter Mac

Daniel Andrews’ decision to scrap 42 cancer beds from the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) has already cost the hospital $20 million.

This decision resulted in the resignation of Peter Mac Board Chairwoman, Wendy Harris QC.

Revelations today that Daniel Andrews may need to backflip on his ‘captains call’ is another sign that he leads a chaotic and dysfunctional government.

Each year the Floor 13 of the VCCC remains unoccupied costs the hospital millions of dollars and means 10,000 fewer patients can be treated for cancer.

The VCCC will open with an empty 13th Floor which is on the real estate market because Daniel Andrews put his left wing ideology before cancer patient care.


Comments from Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge

This mistake by Daniel Andrews has already cost Victoria’s main cancer hospital $20 million and means 10,000 fewer patients can be treated each year.

It’s also the case that Daniel Andrews effectively bullied another woman, Wendy Harris, out of her job as the Chair of Peter Mac.

It’s not too late for Daniel Andrews to reverse his decision and open up this important cancer ward to help treat sick Victorians.