Media Release

21 September 2017

Wooldridge: Suspension of Deputy President, Khalil Eideh

Thursday 21 September 2017

Suspension of Deputy President, Khalil Eideh

This morning the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Mary Wooldridge began the first steps to suspend Khalil Eideh as Deputy President, while Parliamentary and external investigations into Labor’s printing rorts scandal take place.

If the Andrews Government fails to remove Mr Eideh as Deputy President, the Legislative Council will debate and vote on the suspension in the next sitting week.

Daniel Andrews was elected on a promise to bring honesty back to Parliament, but has lost the Labor Speaker and Labor Deputy Speaker to rorting scandals and now has his handpicked Deputy President under investigation.

The fact that Daniel Andrews is continuing to back Mr Eideh as Deputy President of the Legislative Council, and has made no attempt to disassociate himself from Mr Eideh’s conduct, is highly concerning.