Media Release

16 March 2015

Wooldridge: West Gate Distributor Documents

Monday 16 March 2015


West Gate Distributor Documents

Daniel Andrews has once again failed to comply with an order of the Victorian Parliament.

Daniel Andrews was required to table by noon today, a copy of all documents in relation to the West Gate Distributor including, but not limited to:

  • the business case;
  • interim or final traffic and traffic management studies, reports or briefings;
  • environmental studies, reports or briefings including historical studies, reports or briefings relating to Stony Creek;
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage studies, reports or briefings;
  • advice on compliance with the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme and Maribyrnong Planning Scheme and proposed consultation on required planning approvals;
  • departmental advice and briefing documents; and
  • evidence of consultation on the above.

Ten months ago, Daniel Andrews said of the ‘shovel ready’ West Gate Distributor:

“A real, tangible, shovel-ready project, not a fantasy, not a line on a piece of paper, not a project with no start date, no end date, no budget, not a fantasy project from a desperate Denis Napthine but a shovel-ready $500 million important piece of capital works, an important piece of infrastructure, a direct link into the port that will get at least 5000 trucks off the West Gate each and every day, a widening of the West Gate Freeway: a real plan that will deliver real benefits, a real promise, not a pretend fantasy promise, not a headline with no deadline but in fact a real plan.” – Daniel Andrews

Source:  Herald Sun, Andrews looks vulnerable with his head in the sand, James Campbell, 1 May 2014

If the project was ready to go, Daniel Andrews would have nothing to hide.


Comments attributable to the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Mary Wooldridge

“Daniel Andrews has failed to comply with another order of the Victorian Parliament in a desperate attempt to hide his West Gate Distributor ‘shovel ready’ lies.”

“Labor continues to deliver Victorians with lies, confusion, excuses and spin which could see Daniel Andrews’ chief lieutenant in the Upper House found guilty of contempt of the parliament due to the Premiers mismanagement.”