Media Release

27 July 2018

Smith: Daniel Andrews hits taxpayers again

Friday 27 July 2018

Daniel Andrews hits taxpayers again

The Liberal and National Parties support donation reform, but do not support Daniel Andrews’ reform which maintains union funding to the Labor Party while restricting donations to other parties.

The Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill passed by the Labor Party significantly increases the cost to Victorian taxpayers who are already struggling under the burden of Labor’s 12 new and increased taxes.

Taxpayer funding payments to politicians for “administrative expenditure” has risen from the $40,000 per elected MP first proposed by the government to a staggering $200,000 for a party’s first elected MP and $70,000 for an MP elected second.

In addition, a new “policy development” payment of $1.00 per first preference vote means that taxpayers will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars extra to political parties.

This blatant grab for public money plainly seeks to legitimise the rorting of Daniel Andrews and the Labor Party, who took almost $400,000 from the Victorian taxpayer for their 2014 campaign efforts. Having been caught with their hand in the public’s pocket, Daniel Andrews has now legalised his rorting on a grand scale.

Comments attributable to Shadow Special Minister of State, Ryan Smith:

“Labor’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. It is simply shameless to be lecturing others about donations probity in the same week the Minister for Small Business, Philip Dalidakis, brazenly broke the Ministerial Code of Conduct by openly soliciting donations at a community function with a hand-held eftpos machine.

Victorians are struggling under growing cost of living pressures, yet Daniel Andrews thinks nothing of grabbing public money that could be used to support Victorian families to instead support political campaigning.”