Media Release

26 April 2017

Southwick: New figures show energy prices through the roof

Wednesday 26 April 2017

New figures show energy prices through the roof

Today’s CPI figures confirm that electricity and gas prices are skyrocketing in Melbourne because Daniel Andrews effectively closed Hazelwood in favour of his ideological obsession with renewables.

The ABS analysis for CPI for the March 2017 quarter says that the “main contributors to the rise in Melbourne this quarter are automotive fuel (+6.0%), electricity (+7.7%) and gas and other household fuels (+7.8%). Melbourne’s utility prices rose due to increases in wholesale costs in electricity and gas being passed on to consumers.”

In September last year Daniel Andrews promised Victorians that the overall impact of closing Hazelwood would be 4%. These official figures show there’s already been a 7.7% increase in electricity bills and that’s just for the period during which Hazelwood was closing down.

Daniel Andrews was either lying or he’s too incompetent to realise the damage he’s doing to household budgets.

Victorians can’t keep paying the price for Daniel Andrews’ mistakes or lies.