Media Release

08 May 2018

Walsh: Labor’s raw deal for Victorian farmers

Labor’s raw deal for Victorian farmers

Agriculture is the backbone of communities across Victoria, but Daniel Andrews continues to hand our regional industries a raw deal.

Labor’s latest State Budget makes its priorities clear: protect inner-city votes at any cost with a green agenda that treats our agricultural industries as an after-thought.

Labor’s State Budget has no new money for agriculture research and development.

Not a single cent allocated to strengthen Victoria’s biosecurity past June 2019.

And it axes the successful $36 million Food to Asia Action Plan, replacing it with an export package half the size, that will fall short of  building Victoria’s export potential.

Country roads have been handed scraps off the table, with Daniel Andrews still refusing to match the Liberal Nationals’ commitment to restore the successful $160 million Country Roads and Bridges Fund.

Under Labor, the Murray Basin Rail Project will grind to a halt.

Daniel Andrews’ latest Budget confirms he has no intention of investing in the much-needed Stage 2 works that will deliver a 24-hour turn-around for agricultural producers.

Victorians will have a clear choice in November.

More of the Premier for Melbourne’s inner city green agenda that always puts our regional agriculture industries last or a Liberal Nationals team committed to working with farmers to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Victorian farming, to the benefit of all Victorians.